November 2016 Print

President's Report

Christmas music is playing, lights are going up across Kansas City, temperatures are dropping and the Christmas hustle has begun.   We want to see more of you as we make our way through a long winter.  

The hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping is no longer necessarily going from store to store fighting the mob.  The online market has created a way to stay out of the crowds and still get everything on your list.   

Logistics have always been an important part of maintaining effective operations. The company that was able to move product more quickly and cheaply between factories, warehouses and stores held the competitive edge on the market. Companies still need to deliver their products to the consumers in an affordable, yet effective way, but now they need to deliver to a customer's doorstep.  

Today stores are competing with the online market every day.  And that has changed the entire realm of transportation and logistics.   This is creating more jobs in logistics.  


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